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The boys had a very good Monday. Zach has been really missing his Daddy so Chris called him today at school. Miss Kirk said that Zachy was very happy to talk to his Daddy today. Alex moved to a new class today for the summer. They moved all of the “older” four and five year olds to the Performers class. He moved with lots of friends and he is very happy. He’s looking forward to all of his field trips – first one is this Friday to Conner Prairie! 

We got home and the boys watched Ice Age: Dawn/Age of the Dinosaurs (I think it is Dawn, but Zach says Age). Zach has been wanting to watch his favorite movie for awhile and I recorded it off of HBO over the weekend especially for him. He was thrilled to watch the movie again.

I myself spent my weekend nights watching season one of The Tudors on DVD (Showtime miniseries). I unfortunately stayed up far too late each night so that I could finish the episodes  – sooo good! And I love the Tudor era books and movies! Watching The Lovely Bones tonight and then will start season two soon.  When Chris is traveling, I watch movies that he will never watch 🙂 I forgot to mention that Katie Mohr and I had a WONDERFUL Mom’s Night Out on Friday night. We went to see Sex And The City 2. It was definitely our kind of movie and it was nice to go out with her before my 12 days with the boys. Hailey had been sick last week so it was good timing for Katie also.

I’ve told the boys that we will have dinner at their favorite McDonalds – a huge treat if we go inside and they can play in the play area…one of the cleanest that I have seen.  If the weather is good (supposed to rain tomorrow, so we’ll see), we plan to meet up with the Mohrs at the Fishers town concert. If that doesn’t work out, we’re still going to see them to celebrate Spencer’s 1st birthday on Wednesday – crazy that Katie gave birth a year ago!

So we are doing fine. The boys are always my angels…no matter what!  Alex brought me home “a jewel” that he found on the floor in his craft room today (a plastic purple “gem”). He gave it to me after dinner – he’d put it in his pocket to save for me. He is so sweet! I told him that I loved him to the moon and back (that is a lot in our house).

Hopefully I’ll be able to update more later this week.

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