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We’ve been so busy with travel and activities with the boys. We came back from Myrtle Beach and then spent time in NJ leading up to a GREAT Mother’s Day weekend with the Bergmans.  I absolutely cherish these great days with my family. We spent time with Gpa/Kathy, the Greats, Tom & Jen, Alicia, and even the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins – including Ryan and Taylor. The boys even went to Ryan & Taylor’s house for a day and saw their chickens. Kathy got some eggs from Lynn and we had fresh eggs for breakfast the next morning. It was wonderful! 

The boys have been doing great at their sports this month too. Zach is doing Parent/Child T-Ball and Alex is playing soccer again. Alex even scored two goals last week!

This last weekend, we went to Oslo’s birthday party at the Zoo. The boys were very happy to go to a party together. It doesn’t happen often, but Oslo’s parents were good with us bringing Zach along for the fun!

Here are some recent photos of the boys.




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  • Grandpa says:

    Look at Zachy in the popcorn photo from Myrtle Beach. Taking popcorn from my bowl while he has a full bowl of his own. Reminds me of Alex at the Big Apple Circus years ago. Must be in the genes.

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