PostHeaderIcon A Great Spring Break

Well, I really did commit to blogging more this year, but by the end of each day, the last thing that I want to do is type more. Plus I have been exercising more in the evenings after dinner and that is taking up more time as well outside of work. 

We are now a “Spring Break” family. Alex’s school was closed for 6 school days and we took the opportunity to enjoy 8 days in Orlando at the Disney World Resort. Our trip overlapped with Justin and Kelly’s break (also at DW) and we planned it to be at the same resort. Actually our rooms were right next to each other! We were also joined for the week by Grandpa and Kathy! They spent every day with us no matter what park we went to and helped a lot with shepherding children and keeping up with us. 

We love Disney World a lot and the boys are happily joining us. They will tell you that their favorite ride was Tower of Terror! Zach could now ride on most of the rides (he’s now over 40 inches) but there were a few (Space Mountain, Everest Rollercoaster) that he could not. But he took that in stride and we did other things with him so he hardly even missed it.  And next time, he should be 44 inches and okay for those rides. 

It’s always sad to leave the most magical place, so we are already plotting our next vacation there! 


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