PostHeaderIcon Our Much-Needed NJ Vacation

Nothing helps from the burn out of work more than a great trip over to New Jersey. We left the day before Alex turned 7 and spent his bday at Dorney Park in PA. The day was great – nice temps, no lines at ANY ride, and good boys!  Then we headed down to Wildwood Crest on Friday morning to send a full 8 days at Dad’s new beach house! It was fantastic! We overlapped time at the house with Uncle Bruce, Aunt Ellen, Dennis, Lynn, Ryan and Taylor. And Tom came down as well along with Grandma and Grandpa (aka The Greats…who are now The Great Greats, since Amanda had baby G in January!. So we had LOTS of Bergman time on Friday and Saturday. Dennis, Lynn and the kids left on Saturday night, then Uncle Bruce, Aunt Ellen, and The Greats drove up north on Monday morning. Chris, Uncle Bruce, and Grandpa went out on a fishing boat on Sunday. Chris came back with some very funny stories, but Grandpa was laughing at us because he caught the “biggest fish” prize! 92 years old and still winning fishing prizes. Then Alicia, Shawn and his kids showed up for a few days. We enjoyed lots of time on the beach, riding ocean waves with boogie boards, and swimming in the pool. This was the first year that Chris and I did not have to always be in the water with the boys. Alex’s swim lessons (4 days per week this summer) are definitely paying off! And Zach wanted to go far out into the ocean waves and hang out in his “hot tub” (a hole near the water that would fill with water).

We had a great week away…and got home on Saturday night. Then it was back to our normal schedule. The boys were happy to head back to camp for Alex and Learning Time’s summer program – Zach is also doing a lot of swimming. He swims 3 times per week.

Tomorrow we are receiving annual guests, Kathryn, Kerry and their boys! Looking forward to a great weekend with them!


Happy Jersey Boys!





Zach in his HOT TUB!


Zach and Uncle Tommy napping on the last day of our trip.

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