PostHeaderIcon 1st Day of 2nd Grade!

Alex went off to school today for 2nd grade. He went off this morning on the bus and did not even look back! That is okay, though. It did not break my heart at all. We were quite ready for this change back to the “school schedule.” Actually, my thoughts were mainly on how difficult next year will be when I put BOTH boys on the bus!

Alex got in the car today when we picked him up from YMCA after school program and told me today was “Awesome!” That was exciting – AND he had a green day. Woot!  He is really happy with his teacher and the kids in his class. He has four good friends in the classroom, so he is happy about that. He’s homework free until Monday, so I told him to enjoy the rest of the week…oh, and to clean his room since the cleaning people are here tomorrow (he LOVES that one!).

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