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I just looked over some pictures from past Gen Con conferences and realized that between this yearly show and Disney Star Wars weekend…these are some of the few places where we as a family are considered “normal.” LOL. This year we were not joined this weekend by Queens, NY friends (The Bourgoines) but we still managed to fit in a day downtown without taking a day off from work. Today was “Family Fun Day” at Gen Con – which really makes zero sense because you still have the people walking around who have been here all weekend playing games…only they smell worse than 4 days ago. So it’s not particularly geared to what I consider a Family Day, but hey, we all got badges and headed off to the expo hall and hallways to find dragons, treasures, and Darth Vader.

The boys had a great time seeing everything. I think the show is overwhelming with so many people, music, etc. but we managed. AND, I got a signed photo and a picture taken with Wes Bentley…currently Seneca in The Hunger Games and also well-known for his role as Ricky in American Beauty. He was also in Ghostrider, but I did not see that movie. He was cool, and answered Chris’s questions about his different facial hair designs in The Hunger Games – hee hee.

We had a lot of fun at Zach’s 1st Gen Con. We found dragon bookmarks, pokemons, D&D miniatures, and started the boys’ dice bags. Now back to regular days/weeks.

Me and Wes – Event Staff asked Chris if he wanted to be in the photo and she’d take the picture and I made it clear that this was just me and Wes…Thank you!

At the Dungeons and Dragons booth – this is Lolth, Queen of the Spiders…

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