PostHeaderIcon SuperBowl Indy

The boys enjoyed a great weekend with Grandpa and Kathy for our annual SuperBowl weekend together! With the game being played in Indy this year, we headed downtown to the NFL experience and to check out the SuperBowl Village.  We had a great time – really fun! 

Other weekend highlights included haircuts for the boys, my Dad being interviewed by a newsman at the airport on Thursday morning, and, of course, lots of good food! 


PostHeaderIcon Back to Normal (whatever that is…)

We’ve been in a normal routine for about three days. However, this included the sad loss of (the other) Jen Bergman’s father, Howard, and the loss of a co-worker’s son (he was 28 years old). So still waiting for things to even out…and Chris leaves tomorrow for the UK. Ugh!

The good news is that the boys have been ANGELS and going back to school has been fine. I credit this to the holidays being OVER.  And next week will be even more normal when we start doing homework with Alex again.

But, the house is de-Christmas-ized and we now have a toy-free zone on the first floor. Yep – all of the boys toys are now in their rooms. So happy about this and the boys don’t seem to mind at all.

Here is a photo of Alex taken at the American Museum of Natural History…I think that it was taken after Alex did not want to do something or go somewhere…He “approved” of the photo and was happy with his look. Just like Alex, flipping me the bird over a photo of him being unhappy with me. LOVE IT!

PostHeaderIcon NJ Christmas 2011


We returned a few days ago from a full 7 day stay in New Jersey for Christmas. Being on Alex’s school schedule meant that we’d have to take days off anyway so we headed off to NJ on Thursday, 12/22. We spent the days before Christmas seeing the Chipmunk movie with Uncle Tommy and spending a great Christmas Eve lunch with Grandpa before watching some football.

The boys were up early (as usual) on Christmas Day and the festivities kicked off right away with presents from Santa, then presents from us and Grandpa & Kathy…then wave three was right after lunch with Uncle Tommy/Aunt Jen presents…and then a final wave in the evening with some presents from cousins, Aunts Jane and Ellen, and Uncle Brucey (that is what the boys call Uncle Bruce). Ryan and Taylor arrived early and the kids enjoyed playing in the basement area. It was great because it kept them contained Smile and out of the way until dinner. Chris and I were put in charge of Christmas spirits  – imagine that! – so we made (from scratch) fresh whiskey sours…wonderful…and sangria…which I put together on Xmas Eve and it was worth the planning ahead! 

We also got in visits with The Bourgoines in Queens, my sister/Aunt Boo, and a F&M reunion with Yvonne and Joe and their families! It was great to catch up, remember some funny times at college, and watch all of our kids run around. Joe’s wife is expecting in June and it was sooo great to meet her! We also spent a day in NYC with the boys and Aunt Boo. We’ve had a goal for awhile to get the boys on the NYC subway and start introducing them to mass transit – we want to continue to teach our boys to be smart travelers. So we parked in Hoboken, took the PATH train to the World Trade Center station and then tranferred to the train that took us up to the American Museum of Natural History – to see some DINO bones! Zach was thrilled and Alex loved the adventure. It was extremely crowded, but we had a great family outing.

We returned to Indiana on Friday night. The boys are so good in the car now. They are the BEST travelers – car, airplane, etc. – and we were able to get our trip down to 11 hours each way with only 2 stops. They were so happy to head out to New Jersey too. Nothing gets Alex out of bed faster than me saying “It’s time to get up and go to Grandpa’s house!” He’s my “lazy bed” boy – takes forever to get out of bed!

We spent New Years Eve running some errands and then enjoyed a nice family dinner and movie night – the new “How to Train Your Dragon” episodes on Blu-Ray. Then the boys went to bed and Chris and I watched Limitless and the New Years Eve show with Ryan Seacrest. For the first time in years, I managed to stay awake until midnight. But then I went right to sleep.

Today has been a windy, cold day in Fishers. We spent today putting away presents (emptying bins, etc.), Alex put together his 1000 piece Lego Ninjago Fire Temple, Zach watched a Scooby Doo movie, I folded laundry, and we all played some Lego Star Wars. We had another nice family dinner and now the boys are upstairs getting ready for bed. Alex doesn’t go back to school until Thursday so we have a few more days at home to enjoy with the boys. Plan for tomorrow is the Children’s Museum. It’s time to get them back out of the house!

More photos from Christmas: